To ensure that clients are able to access the full capabilities of Infosafe CSI and CSI Designer, Chemical Safety International offers tiered CSI software training to operational and management users in Melbourne and across Australia. Basic, intermediate and advanced training can be offered onsite, offsite or remotely through webinars.

Understand the operations of our software packages

Infosafe CSI provides users with the ability to centralise their chemical safety management processes using a single software application. The package can manage everything from the receiving and storing of dangerous chemicals through to transportation and disposal. CSI software training allows the user to experience the full potential of the software to ensure that safety is at an optimal level.

CSI Designer is one of the most versatile and highly powerful chemical labelling software packages on the international market. It enables the user to create GHS compliant labels for a variety of purposes. CSI Designer works seamlessly with Infosafe CSI and can produce labels based on information stored in the Infosafe software.

Improve processes in your workplace today

CSI software training enables the user to explore both software packages in full, allowing them to understand how they work with each other to ensure that a workplace has the requisite tools for optimal safety. If you would like further information about training in Melbourne or anywhere across Australia, be sure to get in touch with Chemical Safety International today. Call (+61) 1300 274 007 or contact us online to learn more.