Sometimes unforeseen incidents occur in the workplace. More often than not they end up being quite inconsequential in nature, but when potentially hazardous chemicals are involved, the consequences can be dangerous – even catastrophic – and require prompt emergency response services. Chemicals can be the cause of numerous hazards; corrosive chemicals can cause anything from minor skin irritation to blindness, flammable chemicals can result in serious burns, the mixing of incompatible chemicals can produce potentially toxic fumes, and poisoning can occur if chemicals are ingested.

Emergency response services, available 24/7 from Chemical Safety International, can provide the resources and knowledge needed when these unforeseen incidents happen.

Offering prompt assistance and a range of services

No matter what the industry, our emergency response services specialists possess the experience and versatility to contain and resolve any emergency involving chemicals. The service supports clients, their customers and employees, together with emergency and rescue services, by providing them with detailed safety information in a hazard event.

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