Hospitals make use of a vast array of chemicals, making exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals a constant danger in the workplace.

Chemicals are used in a multitude of settings within the hospital environment and this makes it necessary to have a chemical management system in place in order to reduce this risk.

From the chemicals used in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to the continuous introduction of new chemicals, there is the need for a comprehensive approach and control policies to prevent short and long-term health effects associated with hazardous chemicals.

For instance, health workers are required to be aware and informed on the risks associated with chemicals; controls must be put into action to prevent unnecessary exposure and can assist in eliminating risks or replacing the hazards where applicable; and additionally, safe handling techniques are to be implemented.

Risks can be minimized by:

  • Maintaining a register of hazardous chemicals used in the workplace;
  • Identifying and understanding hazards and classifications associated with the chemicals;
  • Implementing systems to prevent unnecessary exposure;
  • Creating emergency response plans;
  • Educating employees on safe storage and handling techniques.

The specialists at Chemical Safety International can assist in identifying risks and managing chemicals in the workplace, to result in a safe and compliant environment.

Our chemical management system is an important factor in reaching this goal, as well as having access to manufacturer’s safety data sheets which are compliant and accurate.

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