As a managed service to clients, Chemical Safety International creates, maintains and manages business-specific ‘master’ product inventories. Clients can then access a vast array of compliant chemical safety data via our Infosafe suite of products.

Our chemical inventory management services include:

·      Loading supplier safety data
·      Sourcing updated and re-issued supplier safety data
·      Transcribing data necessary for production of compliant secondary data such as decanted labels, manifests etc.
·      Purging unused and/or superseded products
·      Producing a range of workplace and management compliance reports

In addition to a ‘master’ inventory, any given work site can quickly and easily create a location-specific chemical product inventory, confident that the information is up-to-date and compliant. Get in touch with CSI to discover how our chemical inventory management systems can help you.

Chemical inventory tracking that works for you

There are no limits to the number of location-specific inventories that can be created from a single master inventory.

As workplace safety is paramount, time is of the essence when it comes to chemical inventory tracking, and our SDS Express service ensures that all relevant information is available and accessible across the workplace in the shortest timeframes.

By integrating Infosafe CSI and client purchasing systems, Chemical Safety International pro-actively ensures that Infosafe is updated with supplier safety data before the product arrives at the workplace.

Contact Chemical Safety International for more information about Chemical Inventory Management.

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