The chemical safety regulatory environment is complex and ever-changing, with new and updated legislation regularly coming into effect.

This creates challenges for organisations to keep abreast of their obligations and to translate regulatory and legislative detail into actionable information.

As a consequence, many organisations, often unknowingly, have significant gaps in their chemical safety defences that increase business risk.

Any failure could have serious consequences for the wellbeing of people in the workplace, the environment and the business itself, where company officers could face prosecution, hard-earned reputations may be threatened, and there is the potential for substantial financial loss.

Chemical Safety International continually monitors and reviews the regulatory environment and the differences that exist from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and translates this into actionable information for the benefit of our clients.

We ensure that our clients get the systems, services, processes and advice to fully understand and comply with their chemical safety obligations, minimise business risk, keep employees safe and protect the environment.