If your business is involved in the manufacture or importation of hazardous chemicals and substances, or if these are used on site as part of regular practice, the importance of safe chemical handling training cannot be understated. Chemical Safety International offers certified chemical awareness training in Melbourne and across Australia.

Who should take chemical handling safety training?

We offer our chemical training course to managers, supervisors, health and safety representatives, and of course the employees who are required to handle the hazardous substances as part of their jobs. We aim to provide all participants with the essential skills and knowledge to understand their importance in creating and maintaining a safe workplace.

What is covered in the chemical awareness training courses?

Chemical Safety International covers all aspects of chemical safety and dangerous goods in the workplace, including:

·      GHS training for Australia & New Zealand
·      GHS training for other Countries
·      Preparation of  an SDS
·      Country specific rules
·      Dangerous goods
·      Chemicals in the workplace
·      Safe handling of chemicals
·      Chemical risk management
·      Hazardous materials
·      Incident management

Upon completion of chemical safety training the participant should be aware of their role and responsibilities regarding safe chemical handling. They should be able to identify and assess hazardous chemicals and substances and enact strict regulations and control measures that minimise likely exposure to dangerous goods.

SDS training courses

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) provide detailed information on the properties of dangerous chemicals and their effect on workplace safety. They are a legal requirement under Work Health & Safety regulations, so anyone who imports or produces hazardous chemicals needs to know how to properly prepare an SDS document. Chemical Safety International offers comprehensive SDS training courses where you can learn how to prepare and understand Safety Data Sheets. Enquire today.

GHS safety training

On January 1st 2017, Australia will join the push to have uniform classification of hazardous chemicals across the world by adopting the GHS classification system. This can potentially mean that chemicals that were previously classed as less hazardous might be considered more hazardous once GHS implementation has taken place. Chemical Safety International provides GHS training in Melbourne and across Australia to ensure that you are ready for the changeover.

If you’d like further information on any dangerous goods and chemical handling safety training offered by Chemical Safety International, contact us today.